Happy Easter | Arizona Children’s Photographer

I love this time of year.  I think that Spring is a welcome season for anyone.  The weather starts to warm up, the birds are chirping and the world starts to come back to life.  Here in the desert we start Spring a few months early and enjoy every minute of it before the hot, hot, hot temperatures set in.  Right now the air is filled with the smell of orange blossoms and the wildflowers are out in all their magnificent beauty.

As this is Easter weekend the boys humored their mother a few evenings ago and let me rummage through their closets and doll them up for an outing of pictures.  I am so in love with what we got.  It showcases my boys so well.  My darling chubby baby with his toothless grins and drooling blue-eyed stares.  My animated middle child that ranges from angelic to class clown in the matter of moments.  And my oldest, the one who first made me a mom.  He’s the protector, more reserved, happy to sit back and observe.  So in this season that we celebrate sacrifice and growth, I am so grateful to be able to watch these three grow and know that no sacrifice will be too much or come close to that which has already been given to us.

May you all enjoy time with those you love this weekend!

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xo erika

  • Phyllis

    Oh, you captured “our” boys so perfectly! What memories you will forever have of them and their personalities.

  • just came across your blog from the go{4}pro photography blog, you take amazing pictures! i love the pictures of your kids…I am a mother of 3 kiddos that each have their own personalities as well and picture time is always a task…lol. love your blog… i will be checking back! Smiles… Lacie B

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